Yessera Growing and Expanding

Almost every aspect of Yessera is now in a widening, heightening, deepening mode. All invited to this multidimensional adventure.

ORGANIZATION: In good legal standing both in US and Ethiopia, Yessera now has positions in Committee and Board level to address innovation in multi-sector projects. Yessera welcomes skilled and experienced folks to fill these volunteer roles.

VOLUNTEER/ MEMBERSHIP: Yessera is adding more women leaders, seeking youth to youth facilitators, and partnering with Diaspora committed to developing areas of their choice.

PROJECTS: Strengthening Yessera graduates’ enterprises by supporting location specific activities and engagements. Also, a countrywide coordination of Yessera centers to respond to global opportunities and demands is being explored.

- Additional Training sectors. Along with Construction—Sustainable Technology(water, solar), Agriculture/ Ecology(Tree planting, Bamboo products), IT(hardware, online learning).

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Collecting, archiving and availing over 10 years of Yessera documentation

- upgrading in process. Webmaster and other web help role still available

- Media & other outlets and partnerships. Nafqot Ethiopia Magazine

- Yessera Documentary DVD ready for online and other ways of distribution

FUNDING: After a decade of very minimal overhead, now, growth and expansion calling attention to operational expenses for Office, Travel, Instructors & Instructional Materials.

- Grants—Writing, Leads & Contacts actively pursued and help appreciated

- Diaspora Partnership. Cost sharing of Trainees’ education and placement has been twice done successfully. Same opportunity extended to those who want to help develop their local region or advance women’s empowerment, or engage in sector innovation.

- Fund-Raising events and activities. Experienced Online and local advocates and facilitators sought.

OVERALL: Upbeat Yessera, after 10 years of small scale, quiet operation, now inviting the whole world. You’re part of it! It can be done, let the work be done!