YESSERA ADDIS 2014 PROJECT: Women’s Empowerment

After years of going around the four corners of Ethiopia (Hawassa, Bekoji, Debre Birhan, Assosa, Ebinat, Metu, Bonga), Yessera‘s focus is Addis Ababa this year.

Also, unlike the other places where gender balance had been 50/50, Yessera Addis 2014 training is 100% women, with the addition of reaching out to children with material provision for schooling.

Yessera Addis, as it works with non-boarding training, is intent on exploring ways of increasing trainee numbers without diluting the intensity of the Yessera experience, which has been its unique trade mark.  Larger numbers would mean for Yessera –training in diverse sectors, greater opportunity for job placement, better chance for partnerships, and possibilities of trainee collaboration from the various Yessera locations.

Yessera’s women focus comes from Yessera’s experience with its previous students. Yessera trainees had been acknowledged leaders both during their training and afterwards. Yessera wants to capitalize on this and graduate as many women in its program. Indeed women are the womb of sustainable development to so be prioritized.

Ease of follow-up is the advantage of Yessera Addis. Whereas other localities present numerous challenges to oversee, counsel, advocate and materially avail resources for graduates’ needs , Addis, as Yessera’s operational base, is readily available for its 2014 graduates.

Finally, by addressing children’s schooling needs, Yessera is learning to stretch itself into potentially fruitful areas in advancing its mission and goal.

Thus, Yessera’s widening horizon, is, as always, a welcoming arena for those who want to exercise their heart, share their skills, and multiply the empowerment of youth. With women in the lead!