Trainees Create Bamboo Products

Two YESSERA trainees attending carpentry training had bamboo product making skills.  They trained eight other students and together they started selling them in order to make a living.

These are the first trial products of Assosa trainees. One day while I was going home, I saw them selling bamboo products nearby their residence.

People were surprised because it was uncommon selling such products.  Because of their professional painting, some asked where are they from? 

I was also surprised, even though they produced under my supervision.  I bought them raw materials and implements.

Initially only two trainees were skilled in this trade, but they trained the others and now ten of them are capable of producing quality furnitures, products for electric lamps, etc. Abdu and Abdulzararik (capenters) produce wonderful beds, chairs, sofas, doors and all household and other products.

All are very good in drawing, read any plan, calculate bill of quantities.  I encourage them to do better by allocating funds for raw materials and study visits.  I believe in  work discipline. I always use to say “if people are given chances to be trained or educated, they can make a diference in the development of the country.”  Thanks to you all we have succeeded.

I hope we will do the same in Bekoji, Assosa, Ebinat, etc with diversity.  

-Solomon Retta